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  In the News:

We are dedicated to spreading the word about SUVs and both the federal government and auto industry's reluctance to make credible changes to help better our health and environment. We welcome the interest of the media.

Past media coverage:

Car Busters - May, 2004
An opinion piece on the SUV debate.

Thank you Car Busters!!

BBC Radio Five Live - July 14, 2003
An interview with Olie Dalbertanson.

Thank you BBC Radio Five!!

Honolulu Star-Bulletin - May 19, 2003
SUVs stir vivid feelings of love and loathing

Thank you StarBulletin!!

Time Magazine - Feb. 19, 2003
Sticking It to SUV Owners

Thank you Time Magazine!!

San Diego City Beat - Jan. 29, 2003
"SUV critics get sticky in campaign to educate big-vehicle owners"

Thank you City Beat!

Dallas/Ft. Worth, Star-Telegram - Jan. 19, 2003
"Taking the High Road"

Thank you Star-Telegram!

Time Magazine - Dec. 23, 2002
Big-Tire Backlash - although the online version of the article is NOT COMPLETE. The print version (shown to the right) includes a graphic of two of our bumper stickers with the Website address clearly visible...

Thank you Time Magazine for bringing to light such an important issue!

The Alex Jones Show - Nov. 27, 2002
Talk Radio - broadcast from Austin, TX.

Thanks Mr. Jones, for your interesting viewpoints!

The Denver Channel - May 15-16, 2001
"Environmentalist Targets SUVs With Stickers"

Thank you Channel 7!

9 News - K*USA TV Denver - May 15-16, 2001
story... no longer available.

Thank you Channel 9!