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  The Facts: Detroit and the US Government

"American drivers are the latest victims of Congress and auto manufacturers' refusal to help get U.S. oil demand under control. Auto manufacturers are dragging their feet getting fuel-efficient technologies for SUVs and cars into the market place -- technologies that would weaken the grip OPEC has on our oil-dependant country -- and Congress is letting them get away with it," states Alliance President David M. Nemtzow.

About the "Coalition for Vehicle Choice" - by the Environmental Working Group
The Coalition for Vehicle Choice is an automobile and steel industry front group created in 1991 to wage lobbying and PR campaigns against clean air legislation directed at auto emission reductions.

  • Opposes US ratification of the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty
  • Denies the scientific consensus that global warming is a reality.
  • Opposes stricter CAFE
  • Opposed tighter Tier II standards for the Clean Air Act
  • April 28 - Rethinking the Axis of Oil - The Economist
    Several independent groups have strongly urged America to move away from oil. The Rocky Mountain Institute, a think-tank concerned with energy efficiency, argues in a newish study partly funded by the Pentagon that America can end its oil imports with aggressive adoption of biofuels, radically more efficient cars and other related policies. The National Commission on Energy Policy (NCEP), a bipartisan panel of energy heavyweights, recently made the case for boosting domestic energy sources, and also advocates a clever "cap and trade" approach to tackling greenhouse gases.

  • March 25 - Canada, automakers cut global warming deal - MSNBC.com
    Under the voluntary deal, the automakers will reduce emissions by 25 percent from 1995 levels by 2010, Natural Resources Minister John Efford told Parliament Wednesday.

  • January 29 - Pressure rises on U.S. over global warming - International Herald Tribune
    The pressure on President George W. Bush to work toward a global accord on climate change may intensify in his second term, as a buildup of grass-roots lobbying from U.S. companies and states and from his closest ally in Europe, Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain, make the issue a priority.

  • January 19 - Ford Escape Hybrid Named 2005 North American Truck of The Year - PR Newswire
    The 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid is the first hybrid to be built in North America. It combines the fuel economy and emissions benefits of a "full" hybrid with the go-anywhere capability, toughness and spaciousness of the Ford Escape, America's best-selling small SUV.

  • December 14 - The real importance of the Kyoto treaty - Int'l Herald Tribune
    Kyoto demonstrates that America's allies are increasingly shaping the international agenda without it. When the Bush administration rejected Kyoto in 2001, it assumed that other nations would follow suit, but more than 120 nations have ratified it.

  • December 13 - Ford to Kill Mammoth Excursion Next Year - Reuters
    U.S. sales of the Excursion, which was launched in 1999, are down 25 percent so far this year. The Sierra Club, which dubbed the Excursion the "Ford Valdez" after the infamous Alaskan oil spill, called it an environmental disaster because of its poor fuel economy rating.

  • December 12 - GM, DaimlerChrysler to Develop Engines - Forbes
    General Motors Corp. and DaimlerChrysler AG are teaming up to develop fuel-saving hybrid engines in hopes of cashing in on an expanding market already dominated by hybrid leaders Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co.

  • December 8 - Automakers sue to block California's new antismog rule - International Herald Tribune
    Toyota, General Motors and seven other automakers have filed suit to block California's new greenhouse gas regulation, which was approved by the state in its final form in September. Schwarzenegger had said that "he intended to fight the expected court challenges."

  • November 29 - Hyperion Offers Employees $5,000 Toward Purchase of Fuel Efficient Cars - Hyperion
    Hyperion ... today launched a first-of-its-kind initiative to clear the air by helping its employees purchase fuel-efficient cars for their personal use. Under its Drive Clean to Drive Change initiative, Hyperion will reimburse employees US $5,000 for vehicles that achieve 45 miles per gallon or the equivalent of gasoline.

  • October 27 - Cars, climate and the presidential race - MSNBC.com
    At the presidential level, the climate-and-cars debate reflects a deep philosophical difference on regulations: Republicans see them as distorting free markets, while Democrats see them as making those markets socially acceptable. But ironically it could be two Republican governors — California's Arnold Schwarzenegger and New York's George Pataki — who take the nation down a regulatory path.

  • September 7 - Detroit Is Over A ($50) Barrel - Business Week
    That sound you hear out of Detroit these days is a lot of whistling past the graveyard. For the past decade -- the auto industry's fat years, when average annual sales of 17 million cars and trucks generated big returns -- the U.S. Big Three invested much of their profits in horsepower. The resulting muscle-bound trucks and bulky SUVs proved wildly popular, and probably saved Motown's hide. In the meantime, though, the Japanese and Europeans -- whose home markets have long had more expensive fuel -- were investing in a host of fuel-efficient technologies.

  • August 27 - Administration Shifts on Global Warming - Washington Post
    "The administration is finally admitting what the National Academy of Sciences and virtually every other scientific body has concluded: Climate change is happening now," Petsonk said. "It's time for the United States, the world's biggest greenhouse gas polluter, to step up to the plate and start cutting emissions."

  • August 25 - White House Puts the West on Fast Track for Oil, Gas Drilling - Yahoo!
    WASHINGTON — Placing a heavy emphasis on energy production in the American West, the Bush administration has moved aggressively to open up broad areas of largely unspoiled federal land to oil and gas exploration.

  • August 20 - High and mighty four-wheel-drives - New Zealand
    As Paris tries to ban four-wheel-drives, The Age's Gabriella Coslovich says there could be moves to do the same in Australia.

  • July 11 - Beyond Oil - Daily Camera, Boulder, CO
    In short, America can no longer afford the fiction that we still control our oil supply. Instead, we must refocus on the one area where we do have control: demand. Specifically, we need to find ways to use dramatically less oil, especially in our transportation fleet, where two-thirds of all U.S. oil use occurs.

  • July 9 - Throwing mud at the monsters of the road - The Independent, UK
    "Space-occupiers, polluters, and more dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users". At least, that is how Professor David Begg, a government adviser, describes four-wheel drive vehicles in his campaign to tax them more than conventional cars. The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has said that drivers of four-wheel drive vehicles in an urban areas are "complete idiots".

  • July 9 - California emissions plan irks carmakers - Detroit News
    The Alliance for Automobile Manufacturers, an industry lobbying group, described the ambitious plan by California officials as a back-door attempt to regulate fuel economy. General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and other automakers contend only the federal government has authority to enact fuel economy rules. "This rule will save California consumers billions of dollars in operating costs," said Jason Mark, director of clean vehicles for the Union of Concerned Scientists. “Californians are getting tired of hearing from the automakers that they can’t have cleaner cars. It’s like a bad summer sequel.

  • July 7 - California Global Warming Emissions Rule: Legal Precedent Favors New Tailpipe Standard Despite Automaker Gripes - Natural Resources Defense Council
    The State of California is squarely in the drivers seat when it comes to possible court challenges against the new global warming pollution. Automakers quickly attacked proposed rule issued last month, but unambiguous language of the Clean Air Act, the federal fuel economy law, and more than 30 years of judicial reasoning all suggest carmakers would face a steep uphill legal fight.

  • July 6 - Driving into the abyss - The Guardian, UK
    Tony Blair now identifies climate change as "the single most important issue we face as a global community". The main cause of climate change is the production of carbon dioxide. The fastest- growing source of carbon dioxide in Britain is transport: its emissions increased by 50% between 1990 and 2002. Flying accounts for most of this, but another reason is that the market for large 4x4s more than doubled in this period. Every year, 150,000 British people now buy one of these monsters, mostly to drive around our cities.

  • June 30 - Ford Can't 'Escape' Lowest EPA Ranking 5-Years Running - Environmental News Network
    "Ford's claims to be 'greening the blue oval' again are echoes of a broken promise Americans heard when it pledged in 2000 to improve its SUV fuel efficiency 25 percent by 2005. Ford can't escape its abysmal fleet-wide EPA ranking by producing a few thousand token hybrid SUVs and one green roof. If the environmental consequences weren't so dire, Ford's latest eco-marketing push, complete with an 8-page advertorial insert in The New Yorker full page ads in National Geographic, would be laughable for giving smoke and mirrors new meaning."

  • June 24 - E.P.A. Energy-Saving Spots Give Cars Short Shrift - NY Times
    A new series of whimsical public service announcements from the Environmental Protection Agency are lampooning the notion that cars can be made more energy efficient while the ads encourage conservation at home. But it comes at a time of heightened awareness of oil consumption and energy security, and despite the fact that many analysts say consumers can make their greatest single contribution to air quality when choosing a car.

  • June 14 - Hybrid-access bill speeds toward OK - Tri-Valley Herald, CA
    A measure granting drivers of hybrid vehicles access to free-way carpool lanes -- even when alone -- is cruising through the Legislature, despite calls from opponents who say such drivers could gum up the lanes for those in carpools and buses. Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger supports the bill, as does Treasurer Phil Angelides, one of Schwarzenegger's leading Democratic critics. The California Air Resources Board also supports it, and it has cleared two committees with19-1 and 12-1 votes.

  • June 10 - California Looks for Ways to Cut Auto Emissions - NY Times
    An initial draft of a California global-warming regulation would require automakers to cut the amounts of carbon dioxide and other gases linked to climate change that their new vehicles emit by as much as 30 percent over the next decade.

  • June 9 - Paris may ban SUVs - CNN.com
    Bulky four-by-fours could be banned from clogging up the chic streets of Paris after a top official in the capital's left-wing government described them as a polluting "caricature of a car" unsuited to city life.

  • June 3 - Detroit's Complacency - Washington Post
    The hybrid technology inside the new Ford Escape was actually patented by Toyota Motor Corp. Although Ford says it bought the patents for the sake of convenience, there is no question that Japanese engineers were there first.

  • May 30 - SUV Nirvana? - CBS News
    Says De Cicco, "You could take that vehicle and put a better engine in it, an engine that cuts the energy waste that's going on in today's engines. You could put a better transmission in it, take weight out of the vehicle, without making it any smaller. If you do that, you could improve that 20-mile-per-gallon vehicle today to 35 miles per gallon." And he is not talking about hybrids or fuel cells. He is talking about the engine as it is now.

  • May 26 - Maryland Enters Clean Energy Era - chesapeakeclimate.org
    Conservative Republican Governor Robert Ehrlich signed a landmark clean energy bill into law today, marking the single biggest step Maryland has ever taken in the fight against global warming and air pollution.

  • May 25 - The 50¢-a-Gallon Solution - NY Times
    The country would indeed be better off if gasoline taxes had been raised by 50 cents a gallon when Mr. Kerry favored the idea. And the United States would still be wise today, if it increased gasoline taxes by the same amount now.

  • April 22 - Church group slams Bush on Clean Air Act - CNN.com
    A national group of Christian leaders is sending a scathing letter to President Bush to coincide with Earth Day, accusing his administration of chipping away at the Clean Air Act.

  • April 19 - A Fuel-Saving Proposal From Your Automaker: Tax the Gas - NY Times
    In interviews at the New York International Auto Show this month, top executives of General Motors and the Ford Motor Company, both of which make and sell a lot of cars in Europe, reiterated their support for high gasoline taxes - as opposed to stricter fuel economy regulations.
    "Anything that can align the individual customer's purchase decisions with society's goals are the way to go," Ford's chairman and chief executive, William Clay Ford Jr., said, adding that his company has previously supported a 50-cent increase in gas taxes.

  • April 19 - The Case for a War Tax — on Gas - Time Magazine
    The worst knock against a gas tax is that it is, well, a tax. Who likes that? But with soaring deficits and a war to pay for, taxes are not an option — they're a necessity. The only relevant question is, Which taxes? The case for a gas tax is a straightforward one. Gas prices are strikingly lower in America than anywhere else in the world; such taxes are relatively easy to collect; since an overwhelming majority of Americans drive, few avoid the tax; and by adding a cost to the wanton consumption of gasoline, you actually encourage conservation, accelerate fuel efficiency, reduce pollution, cut traffic and help wean Americans off the oil that requires the U.S. to be so intimately involved in that wonderful cesspool of rival hatreds, the Middle East. So what's not to like?

  • April 16 - Detroit rolls out a hybrid, thanks to Japan - The State (S. Carolina)
    For more than a quarter-century, that has been Detroit’s basic attitude whenever lawmakers have suggested, however timidly: Can’t you guys try to make cars that guzzle less gas?
    Instead, Detroit devoted all its energy to lobbying Congress not to raise the miles-per-gallon requirements that have been in place since 1975. And chicken-hearted Congress complied. Oh, last year it finally got the guts to ask for a measly 1.5-mpg increase in fuel efficiency for sport-utility vehicles. Then it gave the carmakers three whole years to make it happen. Gullible Congress believed Detroit when it said American innovation just couldn’t wrest any big gains from the gas tank.

  • April 12 - Ford expands lineup of hybrid SUVs - Chicago Sun-Times
    Ford Motor Co. is increasing the number of hybrid vehicles it will offer in the next few years from two to three, adding another sport-utility vehicle to its hybrid lineup.
    Ford will build a Mercury Mariner hybrid SUV for the 2007 model year. The Mariner will join the Ford Escape SUV and a future midsize sedan in the automaker's hybrid program.

  • April 8 - Bill Ford: Steeper gas taxes would fuel hybrid demand - Detroit News
    At a single media event at the New York auto show Wednesday, Bill Ford Jr. said Ford Motor Co. would add another fuel-efficient hybrid to its lineup, the Mercury Mariner SUV, and took the wraps off a gas-chugging Mustang concept race car.
    Then the avowed nature lover told reporters that he supports higher gasoline taxes and more government incentives to encourage consumers to buy hybrids, but conceded that a fuel tax hike probably isn’t politically viable.

  • March 29 - Import makes dominate eco group's list of greenest cars in Canada - CBC News
    Import nameplates dominate the list of green vehicles, led by the Toyota Prius sedan, a hybrid that uses a small internal-combustion engine mated to an electric motor to eke out 3.9 litres per 100 kilometres in city driving and 4.6 l/100km on the highway. The 10-worst list was led by Volkswagen's Toureg diesel-model sport-utility vehicle, mainly because of its high, smog-creating nitrogen oxide emissions and concerns diesel exhaust is linked to cancer, the group said.

  • March 29 - Kerry Is Sticking With Plan to Raise Auto Fuel Efficiency - NY Times
    In the face of rising gasoline prices and stagnating fuel efficiency, Senator John Kerry is sticking with a plan he backed in the Senate to increase the nation's fuel economy standards 50 percent by 2015. That would be the largest increase, by far, since automotive fuel economy standards were first imposed after the oil shocks of the 1970's.

  • March 22 - Subaru Outback's re-classification raises concerns - MaineToday.com
    By making a few small changes in the design of the car - raising the rear bumper, adding about an inch-and-a-half of ground clearance - Subaru Outback customers have been transformed, technically, into truck drivers. Or worse, in the minds of many Maine Subaru drivers, SUV owners.

  • March 4 - Energy drilling vs conserving in White House race - Reuters
    U.S. voters hit with soaring gasoline prices can choose between two presidential candidates with contrary ways to escape the energy morass -- a Democrat pushing conservation and a Republican who wants to drill his way out.

    February 25 - Environmental Group Depicts Ford's Chief as Pinocchio - NY Times
    Bluewater began running an ad in national and college publications earlier this month that said William Clay Ford Jr., the company's chairman and chief executive, had failed to make good on a promise the company made in 2000 to increase the fuel efficiency of its sport utility vehicles 25 percent by 2005.

    February 23 - Bush plan to overhaul CAFE standards is a mixed bag - Working Assets
    The Bush administration has taken to singing the clean-car gospel lately, but it's not quite hitting all the notes. Last month, U.S. EPA chief Mike Leavitt joined Detroit kingpins in a splashy D.C. conference to trumpet the arrival of new vehicles and fuels that reduce sulfur emissions -- a notable achievement, but what Leavitt was passing off as a Bush administration success was in fact an initiative launched under President Clinton. Days later, Leavitt announced additional funding for the Clean School Bus USA program -- some $60 million to replace pre-1991 school buses with new ones that have state-of-the-art emission controls. Environmentalists pooh-poohed the program as a small effort that will have a negligible effect on emissions, and they noted that it's part of a larger PR blitz in election battleground states.

    February 6 - Environmentalists Target Ford for Broken Pledge to Improve SUV Efficiency - Environmental Media Services
    This week, nearly three dozen environmental organizations targeted Bill Ford Jr, the CEO of Ford Motors, as part of a national ad campaign that accuses him of breaking his pledge of four years ago to dramatically increase the fuel mileage of Ford's popular lineup of sport utility vehicles by 2005.

    January 14 - Automakers to launch more gas-electric vehicles
    Long the domain of concepts and smaller cars, gasoline-electric hybrids soon will power trucks and sport utility vehicles as automakers work to expand the more environmentally friendly technology.

    December 9 - Administration eyes burying carbon dioxide - USA Today
    This summer, scientists began drilling deep into the earth of West Virginia. Their goal: to determine whether a spongy layer of rock 9,000 feet beneath the surface can hold a gas that causes global warming.
    The project is being closely watched by the Bush administration, which is funding it, and by the power industry. Both see burying the gas, carbon dioxide, as a possible long-term solution to keeping gases from power plants out of the atmosphere.
    Question: why not reduce CO2 emissions to begin with?? Both cheaper, and easier to implement!

    December 4 - America's war on nature - The Independent, UK
    George Bush will go down in history as America's worst environmental president. In a ferocious three-year attack, the Bush administration has initiated more than 200 major rollbacks of America's environmental laws, weakening the protection of our country's air, water, public lands and wildlife. Cloaked in meticulously crafted language designed to deceive the public, the administration intends to eliminate the nation's most important environmental laws by the end of the year. Under the guidance of the Republican pollster Frank Luntz, the Bush White House has hidden its anti-environmental programme behind deceptive rhetoric, telegenic spokespeople, secrecy and the intimidation of scientists and bureaucrats.

    November 25 - Ventura County to consider eliminating SUVs from its fleet - San Jose Mercury News
    Ventura County supervisors last year ordered fleet managers to begin replacing mid-size sedans with hybrid-electrics, which offer better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. "Any time you can decrease your energy consumption, you have a positive impact on the environment and a positive impact on your budget," Supervisor Steve Bennett said.

    November 17 - Send a FAX urging the House Ways and Means Committee to end the SUV loophole - Public Citizens
    learn more and send a fax to the Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Ways and Means Committee urging them to include language in their tax bill that proposes cuts in the SUV tax deduction down to its pre-Bush-stimulus maximum of $25,000 and increases the weight limit to 14,000 lbs.

    November 7 - Businesses Jump on an SUV Loophole - The Washington Post
    The "SUV loophole" once seemed to be just a quirk in the tax code -- deplored by environmental activists but ignored by most everyone else. Now it is shaping up to be a marketing bonanza for financial planners, accountants and auto dealers eager to snap up commissions and drive up sales of heavy vehicles, ranging from workhorse Ford F-250 pickup trucks to elite Hummer H2s, BMW X5s and Mercedes-Benz ML55s.

    November 5 - G.M. Puts Off Its Hybrids, Letting Ford Go First - The Ledger, Florida
    Daniel Becker, an expert on global warming for the Sierra Club, said, "Why is a company that's supposed to be the industry leader so far behind?"

    October 23 - States Try to Force EPA to Regulate CO2 - ABC News
    Eleven states asked a federal appeals court Thursday to force the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. The EPA said in August that it lacked authority from Congress to regulate greenhouse gases. It also denied a petition to impose controls on auto emissions. The states who filed the court petition say the federal Clean Air Act requires the EPA to regulate gases like carbon dioxide.

    October 20 - Lawmakers Weigh Credit for Hybrid Cars - MotorTrend
    The White House promoted it and there was widespread support in Congress, so a tax credit for buyers of gasoline-saving hybrid cars seemed certain to find a way into the energy bill. But lawmakers have not decided whether to include the tax break in legislation even though it is one of the few offerings that would directly affect consumers and fuel consumption.

    September 9 - SUV pollution, mpg standards to tighten soon - Associated Press
    New EPA standards mandate big increases in fuel efficiency for the "LTV" category that includes SUVs, pickup trucks and minivans. Such vehicles must get 20.7 miles per gallon by 2004 and 22.2 miles per gallon by 2007. Autos by 2007 must reach 27.5 miles per gallon.
    Today, all cars average 0.3 grams per mile of nitrous oxide. SUVs range from 0.3 grams per mile for the lightest category to 1.53 grams for the heaviest. That will change too. To be phased in between 2004 and 2009 is a new, lower standard of 0.07 grams per mile - the same for cars and SUVs.

    August 4 - Pollution in Washington - Boston Globe
    To make matters worse, the Bush administration was found to have suppressed research on greenhouse gas emissions. Leaked documents from the Environmental Protection Agency revealed that the EPA had buried an analysis of a plan to curb carbon dioxide emissions backed by Senators John McCain and Joseph Lieberman. The researchers' preliminary result indicated that the measure -- which the two senators hoped to include in the energy bill -- would not have a seriously adverse impact on the economy.

    July 31 - Dean calls for stronger environmental protection in S.F. speech - San Francisco Chronicle
    Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean on Thursday unveiled an environmental plan that would increase use of renewable resources, push automakers to improve fuel efficiency and strengthen the Environmental Protection Agency.

    July 15 - California eyes SUV ban - BBC News
    Low mileage is one reason that the state's treasurer, Phil Angeledis, is sponsoring a bill which will outlaw SUVs. "Well I think the state has an obligation to set an example," said Mr Angeledis. "And if we can reduce air pollution, reduce our dependence on oil, if we can cut our costs, then we should do so... "

    June 16 - U.S. Seeks Hydrogen Fuel Partnership - Washington Post
    Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham is scheduled to address a European Commission energy conference in Brussels today to urge European leaders to join the hydrogen energy partnership, which is to be launched in October, according to conference participants.

    June 13 - Outlaw SUVs? Calif. bill stirs debate - MSNBC.com
    Lawmakers are promoting a bill that would eliminate thousands of sport utility vehicles from California’s fleet of 73,000 state-owned vehicles and encourage other states to limit use of gas guzzlers... The bill aims to reduce air pollution, save tax dollars, increase road safety and lessen dependence on oil, according to state officials and environmental groups that support its adoption.

    May 9 - Campaign Slams U.S. Automakers For Gas Guzzlers - Environment News Service
    The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Detroit Project say U.S. automakers and their political allies are determined to fight off any fuel economy increases, even though the technology exists to raise the fuel efficiency of cars and sport utility vehicles to 40 miles per gallon (mpg). "Detroit has been fighting safety and fuel economy standards for 30 years, all the while promising voluntary solutions that never arrive," said John Adams, president of NRDC. "It is time for sensible standards that put existing technology on the road in every car, truck and SUV."

    May 7 - Hummer is bummer on new-car quality list - Seattle Times
    "Hummer earned the lowest score among vehicle brands in Power's annual initial-quality study of new vehicles and dragged General Motors' score below average. Hummer spokesman Pete Ternes said the H2 averages "about 11 miles per gallon" in GM's tests. GM does not post mileage estimates on the vehicle's price sticker because its weight of more than 6,000 pounds makes it exempt from federal fuel-economy standards."

    April 30 - Auto Industry Revs up SUV Ads Online - eMarketer
    "Amidst a softening automobile market, with high prices at the gas pumps, manufacturers have not shied away from flooding the Internet with advertisements for sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) and light trucks, which tend to return lower gas-mileage figures than passenger cars."

    April 29 - What Evangelical Environmentalists Do Not Know About Economics
    "God's creatures are valuable not because of their usefulness to humans—though some are useful, indeed essential, to us. …[R]ocks and trees, birds, and animals are valuable simply because God made them. Their value resides in their being creations of a valuing God, not in their being a means to some human end."

    April 17 - Ford to Miss Deadline for SUV Target - Reuters
    Ford Motor Co. said on Thursday it would miss its 2005 deadline for improving the fuel economy of its sport utility vehicles by 25 percent -- a high-profile goal set by the world's second-largest automaker to much acclaim three years ago.

    April 17 - SUVs: Suddenly Upside-down Vehicles
    A pair of court rulings in the last month that reopen SUV rollover cases against Ford Motor Company spell serious legal problems for the automaker. Citing these and earlier court rulings, the Environmental Working Group has petitioned the U.S. Department of Justice to conduct an unprecedented criminal probe of Ford’s pattern and practice of willfully concealing safety-related defect data from courts, federal regulators and consumers.

    April 7 - Humvee's Obnoxious New Ad - Slate.com
    People who drive enormous, angry, military-style vehicles around city streets are never embarrassed. The whole point of the Hummer is a total—and aggressive—disregard for what anyone else thinks.

    April 7 - Rewrite of Emissions Rule May Roll Out More Hybrids - LA Times
    California motorists are likely to see hundreds of thousands of hybrid cars, powered by gas and electric motors, on the road by the end of this decade under new zero-emission vehicle rules expected to be imposed by the state Air Resources Board later this month.

    Feb. 24 - Blair Hot To Fight Global Warming - CBS News
    Blair, vowing Britain would seek to reduce its emissions of harmful carbon dioxide by 60 percent by 2050, said President Bush was wrong to claim fighting warming will slow economic growth.

    Feb. 17 - Living Without Oil - US News
    As war looms, the search for new energy alternatives is all the more urgent.

    Feb. 11 - Experts: Fuel-efficient cars in reach without hydrogen
    Auto manufacturers could push the average fuel economy of American cars from today's 27 miles per gallon to 46 mpg if they took full advantage of on-the-shelf technologies.

    Feb. 9 - The green car scam - Berkshire Eagle
    The environmentalists' skepticism was borne out last week when Mr. Bush's budget revealed that nearly all of the $1.2 billion for hydrogen-vehicle research and development over five years would go to the coal, petroleum, natural-gas and nuclear-energy industries.

    Jan. 30 - U.S. Senate bill aims to boost SUV fuel efficiency - Reuters
    The bill is not expected to get very far after a similar bid last year was stalled when Senate Democrats and Republicans joined to block efforts to boost fuel efficiency.

    Jan. 29 - Auto Makers Start to Back Away From Hulking, Profitable SUVs As Outcry Over the Vehicles Grows, Detroit Pushes Smaller, Carlike Models - Wall Street Journal
    But now, pressures from society, government and the auto industry itself are growing so strong that Detroit is starting to take its first big steps away from reliance on the traditional, huge SUV.

    Jan. 26 - Administration haunted by stance on Kyoto Protocol
    President Bush's rejection of the Kyoto Protocol, the international climate change treaty, and his failure to act decisively to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions is undermining European support for war with Iraq, foreign policy experts said.

    Jan. 22 - Speaking out on the perils of SUVs - LA Times
    Jeffrey W. Runge, chief of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, stunned the auto industry last week in a speech by declaring that sport utility vehicles are not safe enough and consumers should reconsider buying them.

    Jan. 21 - Bush Proposal May Cut Tax on S.U.V.'s for Business - NY Times
    The tax code now caps deductions for most automobiles. But the largest vehicles — those that weigh more than 6,000 pounds fully loaded — are exempt because the relevant portion of the code was written in the 1980's, before the rise of the sport utility vehicle, and was intended to exempt big pickups needed on work sites. Now the tax incentives also give business owners not involved in hauling — doctors, real estate agents, accountants — more incentive to buy the biggest S.U.V.'s instead of smaller ones, or cars.

    Jan. 21 - London Congestion Charging Index - BBC (see the Alternative Energy car list)
       - Car charge angers US embassy - BBC

    Jan. 12 - Anti-SUV ads on TV - The Detroit Project
    TV ad campaign to ruin the image of SUVs built by a self-serving auto-industry...
    * From Working For Change

    Jan. 9 - Grudging Nod to Hybrid SUVs - LA Times
    The nation's auto makers have finally sputtered into first gear. Responding to the growing public outcry over its reckless gas-guzzling ways, the industry used the Detroit auto show this week to unveil a lineup of "coming soon to a showroom near you" hybrid vehicles -- including a number of hybrid sport utility vehicles.

    Jan. 6 - GM to Produce Hybrid SUVs - LA Times
    General Motors Corp. will announce today plans to begin producing as many as 1 million gas-electric hybrid cars and trucks a year — a challenge to the leadership role that Japanese carmakers have held in the race to bring such technology to the marketplace.

    Dec. 13 - DOT [barely] tightening SUV fuel rules - CNN.com
    The final rule proposed by NHTSA requires manufacturers to increase the fuel efficiency of light trucks and sports utility vehicles by a total of 1.5 miles per gallon by model year 2007. [That's ALL!!]

    Dec. 2 - The Highest Patriotism Lies in Weaning U.S. From Fossil Fuels - by Robert Redford
    "The Bush administration's energy policy to date -- a military garrison in the Middle East and drilling for more oil in the Arctic and other fragile habitats -- is costly, dangerous and self- defeating."

    Nov. 20 - White House weighs SUV rules
    Amid simmering debate over U.S. dependence on Middle East oil, the Bush administration is considering a proposal to require sport-utility vehicles and other light trucks to achieve higher rates of fuel efficiency. The move would be the first increase in such government-mandated targets since 1996.

    Nov. 20 - 'Jesus,' government eye SUVs
    A coalition of religious and environmental groups is launching a "What Would Jesus Drive?" campaign Wednesday, hoping to get people to switch to more fuel-efficient cars. The move comes as the Bush administration reportedly considers a proposal to increase fuel efficiency standards for SUVs and light trucks.

    Oct. 23 - An ad George Bush should love -- thanks to you
    Yes... there is a brand-new fund to support an anti-SUV ad campaign

    Oct. 22 - An ad George Bush should love
    "I helped blow up a Bali nightclub -- by driving my SUV to work every day!"

    Oct. 22 - This Is Oil -- This Is a No-Brainer on Oil
    Help win the war on terrorism: Drive smaller cars...

    August 2 - Think Small -- It May be a Trend
    Ford, which will not confirm or deny reports out of Detroit that it will discontinue the manufacture of its $45,000 uber-SUV, would not pull the Excursion just because some people thought it was ridiculous or, at 10 miles per gallon, scandalously wasteful. Ford would pull the Excursion only because it wasn't profitable.

    July 31 - Ford Excursion Near the End
    The Excursion, cited by critics as the industry's most visible symbol of sport utility vehicle excess, is expected to be discontinued at the conclusion of the 2004 model year, meaning that it will have lasted only one generation. The Excursion was introduced in 1999 as a 2000 model year vehicle.

    July 22 - Calif. Governor Signs Landmark Auto Emissions Law
    California Gov. Gray Davis Monday signed a landmark bill making the state the first in the nation to regulate the vehicle greenhouse gas emissions scientists say contribute to global warming.

    The legislation, which has been fiercely opposed by the auto industry, requires the California Air Resources Board to adopt regulations that would achieve "the maximum feasible reduction" in emissions of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, emitted by cars and light-duty trucks, the category that includes sport utility vehicles.

    July 22 - The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturer's response to the law (pathetic!)
    Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an inert gas that occurs naturally in the atmosphere. It does not cause smog. People expel CO2 when they exhale....

    July 12 - Democrats call Bush global warming plan "baloney"
    The White House plan depends on U.S. companies to voluntarily curb industrial emissions of carbon dioxide and links reduction targets to American economic growth. Democrats prefer a mandatory approach that dictates specific cuts. President Bush withdrew the United States last year from the international Kyoto treaty that aims to cut heat-trapping emissions, saying it was too costly to the economy.

    June 11 - GM Hummer H2 Fans Bid on EBay to Be First in Line
    "From an aerodynamic standpoint, you're pushing a brick through the air," said Ken Lindensmith, GM assistant vehicle line executive for the Hummer...

    June 3 - Critics Resigning Over Bush's Green Rules
    Longtime, key officials who favor conservation say they are frustrated by new rules

    June 3 - Bush Administration Blames Humans for Global Warming
    The Bush administration acknowledged for the first time in a new report that U.S. greenhouse gas emissions will increase significantly over the next two decades due mostly to human activities, but again rejected an international treaty to slow global warming

    June 3 - Climate Action Report 2002
    See the Bush Administration's report that was sent to the United Nations. Unfortunately, it recommends adapting to inevitable changes. It does not recommend making rapid reductions in greenhouse gases to limit warming...

    April 25 - Save GM - and win a new Honda hybrid!

    Green Light? Ford Touts Global Warming Concerns, Focusing on SUV Gas Mileage
    "Ford's president, Jacques Nasser, wrote "there's no doubt that sufficient evidence exists" showing that the carbon dioxide released when gasoline is burned contributes to global warming. America's second-biggest automaker, Nasser wrote, must "move from argument to action."

    "Our approach to SUVs and the environment has not always been responsible," William Clay Ford Jr., Company Chairman"

    Mar. 28 - Talking Green vs. Making Green - NY Times
    Before he became chief executive of the Ford Motor Company (news/quote), William Clay Ford Jr. made a point of joining the environmental camp.

    But since becoming chief executive and gaining operational control of the struggling company last October, Mr. Ford, 44, has muted his pronouncements on such issues and has made decisions that have bitterly disappointed environmentalists.

    Mar. 13 - Senate Rejects Huge Hike in Vehicle Fuel Standards
    Faced with the lobbying muscle of the U.S. auto industry, the Senate rejected a 50 percent boost in fuel efficiency standards for gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles. Lawmakers also agreed to exempt pickup trucks from any future increases in vehicle fuel requirements.

    Mar. 13 - Drivers Need More Data on Hybrids

    A J.D. Power survey says many consumers would consider buying such a vehicle if auto makers would just provide enough information.

    Feb. 25 - GM Protests Proposed Fuel Standards
    Fearing that increased fuel economy standards will doom the pickup trucks they produce, hundreds of General Motors Corp. workers chanted "Save our trucks, save our jobs," during a meeting Monday with union, company and political leaders.

    The Globe: Comforting SUV Owners?
    An informed article on the way Ford, GM, and other SUV manufacturers have obscured the truth from SUV owners on their environmental impact, and how they have been keeping emissions standards at a minimum for light trucks.

    Detroit fattens up new herd of SUVs
    With tensions rising in the Middle East, experts are wringing their hands about America’s continuing dependence on foreign oil. Is this any time to prepare a new fleet of gas-guzzlers?

    Little Old Man Versus the Big Three
    A really cool article about an old guy who has spent the last 50 years perfecting his "rotary engine" that has only two moving parts, and would eliminate the need for the transmission, the drivetrain, and the exhaust system...

    The Golden Era of the Sports Utility Vehicle, Auto & Truck Manufacturers Industry Report
    Is the "The Golden Era of the Sports Utility Vehicle" over? Recent gasoline price hikes and growing environmental and safety concerns could cloud this segment's long-term future.

    Engine, Transmission Technologies Lead Ford SUV Fuel Gains, Ford Motor Company
    Ford has recognized the problem with both emissions and fuel efficiency, and is making a half-hearted attempt at doing something about it... more than most manufacturers.