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  Removing bumper stickers:

So, you drive an SUV, found a bumper sticker on it, and are trying desperately to remove it (because you can't stand to drive around with that kind of message on your truck any more). OK, have patience, it will come off without damage if you do the following:

  • Use warm soapy water and a soft, clean cloth to remove the sticker. Do NOT use any hard or sharp instruments to scrape it off.
  • Use rubbing alcohol with a soft, clean cloth to remove any left over tag or adhesive. (WD-40 also works, but this in itself isn't great for the environment... it's a little greasy, but residue comes off easily with a little soapy water.)

    (These stickers are designed to do no damage to your bumper! However, if you use a screwdriver to try and scrape one off, you are doing your own damage!)

While you're here, take the time to read more about SUV's impact on the environment, and what alternatives you might try before you buy another car.